Choosing God - not food behaviors - to satisfy our innermost needs

PathWay 2 Wholeness Bible Study: The Christian Faith and Whole Person Health (Eating Behaviors Edition)

Do you feel powerless in your struggles with disordered eating? Have you given up trying to deal with life’s emotions and stresses apart from using unhealthy food behaviors? Perhaps your physical health has been compromised. If you’re like most women, you haven’t considered the link between your eating behaviors and unhealthy relationships with God, yourself and others.

If you’re ready to let the Holy Spirit bring you out of this struggle, join me for a one-on-one 9 week, Bible-centred telestudy. The study’s purpose is to equip you to experience transformation, led by the Holy Spirit. Flowing from a right relationship with God, you can achieve a healthier relationship with yourself and relate to others in a more loving way – and conquer unhealthy eating behaviors and other life issues. Using God’s 2 greatest commandments as a foundation, PathWay 2 Wholeness “connects the dots” between being a follower of Jesus and the spirit-soul-body health that God designed us for. The study focusses keenly on Biblical principles that can free you and help you live out your life purpose. You will be encouraged to let God transform what you believe, think and do.

This is a substantial study which includes prayer, discussion between us, Bible reading, text reading, a variety of activities to apply what you are learning, plus other assignments between weeks.

PathWay 2 Wholeness is not just for those who have been professionally diagnosed with eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder. If you have food/exercise controlling behaviors, eat to suppress emotions, or otherwise engage in extreme food behaviors, you can find hope and help by participating in PathWay 2 Wholeness.

In my case, God did not make conquering bulimia a “five minute job”. The timing of any transformation in you is God’s, and requires your willing co-operation. But whatever your journey is, you will leave the study knowing how to live filled with the love and power of our wholly-satisfying God. Importantly, you will have taken a very courageous step out of the secrecy and guilt of disordered eating by openly participating in a study.


Participating in the study will enable you to:

  • Connect regularly with a Christian woman (me – Judy Gatehouse) in an environment of empathy, compassion, understanding and acceptance.
  • Recognize what beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, relationships and other risk factors impact the spirit, soul and body
  • Identify what beliefs, habits and emotions are keeping you stuck in disordered eating and other harmful behaviors and emotions.
  • Link your beliefs, thoughts, habits and difficult emotions to issues in your relationship with God, self and others
  • Explain how healthy relationships with God, self and others are essential for living out our common life purpose.
  • Identify Biblical principles to restore a right relationship with God, a healthy relationship with yourself and a loving relationship with others.
  • Create and practice your own personal growth plan. Your growth plan will incorporate Biblical principles to enable restoring a healthy relationship with God, yourself and others.


Part 1 – How We Function. Our Life Purpose

Teleclass 1: Study introduction; God’s design for a life of wholeness
Teleclass 2: Why and how we mess up God’s design for a life of wholeness. The impact of this.

Part 2 – Whole-Person Health: It’s All About Relationships

Teleclass 3: Foundations for whole-person health. A right relationship with God: What the Bible says, Part 1
Teleclass 4: A right relationship with God: What the Bible says, Part 2
Teleclass 5:

  • A healthy relationship with our self: what the Bible says
  • Caring for our body, God’s Temple: what the Bible says
  • Study checkpoint: what is God revealing to you so far?
  • How surrendered are you to God?

Teleclass 6: Living in loving relationships with others: What the Bible says, Part 1 and Part 2
Part 3 – Putting It All Together

Teleclass 7: Healthy relationships and our life purpose; Plans for your personal growth.
Teleclass 8: Celebrating successes and overcoming obstacles; Looking down the road – What’s next after PathWay 2 Wholeness?

* There is a two-week interval between class 7 and 8 to put your personal growth plan into practice.


There is no charge for my time to guide you through this study. Hungry for Jesus is not an income-generating ministry. Free-will donations to help defray costs are gratefully accepted but certainly not expected. As this is not a registered charitable organization, income tax receipts for donations are not available.

We split the long-distance charges by each covering 4 calls, which are 2 hours each. I cover the first one.


  • The Holy Bible
  • Participant Guide, which I will send you  ($10.00)
  • Text: “God, Medicine and Miracles – the Spiritual Factor in Healing”, which I will send you ($10.00

 DATES:  As agreed between us


If experiencing PathWay 2 Wholeness sounds hopeful and inspiring, and you agree with the key policies, please complete the registration form here …. I’d love to walk with you in this journey to improved spirit, soul and body health. Your registration information will be kept in strict confidence.

Have you ever been diagnosed by a professional as having a named eating disorder?:
 Yes No
If yes, what is it?

If yes, are you currently in active treatment?
 Yes No
If currently in active treatment, does your care practitioner agree with your participation in PathWay 2 Wholeness?
 Yes No
Are you undiagnosed but have used eating behaviors to cope with life?
 Yes No
What impact are your unhealthy eating behaviors having on your life and the life of others?

How would you describe your relationship with God?

How motivated are you to attend all 8 weeks of the study and give your best effort to completing the weekly at-home assignments?

If you could look ahead to six months after the end of the study, how would you be changed?

Upon registration, you will receive information on the materials and other details for joining the study.