Choosing God - not food behaviors - to satisfy our innermost needs

Key Policies

To create a safe, supportive and comfortable environment for all, these conditions are necessary for engaging with Hungry For Jesus:

  1. If you have thoughts of self-harm or of harming others, please do not register for studies or events. We urge you to seek medical attention immediately!
  2. Studies and events are not a substitute for medical, psychological or dietary counselling. We cannot offer this type of assistance. Our aim is to focus on the spiritual aspect of recovery.
  3. Studies and events are currently available for women only.
  4. As applicable, you will be asked to complete a registration form which includes verifying that your current treatment provider agrees that a specific study or event is appropriate for you.
  5. We will acknowledge that unhealthy eating behaviors are one common bond we share. However, comments on specific eating behaviors, diets or professional treatment you are receiving are strongly discouraged in group settings.
  6. Offering medical, psychological or dietary advice to each other is strongly discouraged in group settings.
  7. Specific mention of foods, portions, body weight, body size, physical appearance and exercise details is strongly discouraged in groups settings.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation!