Choosing God - not food behaviors - to satisfy our innermost needs


Sherri, “Understanding the Faith and Health Link” Participant

You have given me a great deal to think about in terms of my relationship with The Lord and how I need to really focus more on leaning in to Him rather than other things.  I will be spending some time on seeking out scripture verses that will be touch points for me.
You have clearly been anointed for this Ministry.  Thanks again and God bless you for blessing others.

Prayer from a Power to Change mentee (*name omitted for privacy)

Heavenly Father, Thank you again for Judy, and such an amazing role model she is for me. Thank you for the blessing she has been on my life Lord, and the way you have used her to help direct me back to You.

Dale Fletcher, M.S., Executive Director, Faith and Health Connection

Judy Gatehouse is a model ambassador for Christ. She has a huge heart for people, especially those who struggle with an unhealthy relationship with food.  Because she struggled with an eating disorder for many years, and she relies on Jesus to keep her free from these behaviors, Judy is qualified to minister to others who share similar challenges. She understands the connection between key principles of the Christian faith and whole person health and contributed significantly to the design and development of the PathWay 2 Wholeness Bible Study. Most importantly, she’s able to effectively share her insight with others in a way that is full of love and compassion. If you’re challenged with an unhealthy relationship with food, you’ll be in good hands if you partner with Judy to allow Jesus to minister to you through her.

Email from a Power to Change mentee (*name omitted for privacy)

Thank you for those (Bible) verses you send me, they really help me and I really try to dwell on those Scriptures as I read your emails. The last email was very encouraging, and I can completely apply what you said about renewing your mind, and not to conform to the patterns of this world.

Maryse Lepage, Coach in Integral Development

Judy’s approach to relationships truly reflects who she is: caring, trustworthy, attentive, flexible and focused. She can be counted on to bring these qualities to all of her endeavors. Judy was a colleague of mine for many years and I have enormous respect for her integrity and compassion. Working as a learning facilitator to meet a wide variety of client needs, she was at the same time highly professional and completely approachable; it was and it is still obvious that she has people’s growth and best interests at heart.