Choosing God - not food behaviors - to satisfy our innermost needs

Welcome to Hungry For Jesus Ministry! I’m Judy Gatehouse. Through five decades struggling with an eating disorder, I feel deep compassion for women burdened by extreme thoughts and behaviors related to food. Eating abnormally to cope with my life circumstances has proved harmful and never met my innermost needs! What I am equally sure of is how a right and intimate relationship with God, through faith in Jesus, brings hope and help to conquer eating disorders and other extreme food behaviors.

It would be a blessing to provide you with one-on-one support as you seek to strengthen your relationship with God and turn away from extreme food behaviors.

On this site you can:

  • Learn the importance of faith in Jesus.
  • Read about my journey with bulimia.
  • Reflect on Biblical truths in the blog posts.
  • Contact me for a caring, listening ear in an informal chat.
  • Apply for a one-on-one “Taste and See” Encouragement Conversation.
  • Register for a one-on-one God-focussed Bible study.
  • Request that I speak to your women’s group.
  • Submit a prayer request.
  • Connect with links to other resources.

Hungry for Jesus Ministry doesn’t provide medical advice, psychological counselling or dietary tips. But I do promise a keen focus on spiritual nourishment. That’s the key to living filled with the love and power of our completely-satisfying God. With God’s help, you CAN take the first step – or the next step – towards freedom from unhealthy food behaviors!!

I’m so glad you stopped by! I will pray for you, and would appreciate your prayers for this ministry.

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